Ministry of Transport held a joint coordination meeting with sector organizations.

Ali Muhsin
Mon, Jan 07 2019 9:42 AM

Meeting held by participation of Ministers of Transport, Public Work, Finance and Deputy minister of Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Deputy chairman of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, General Director of Traffic Directorate and delegates of transportation companie
During the meeting, Mr. Mohammad Hamid Tahmasi, the Transport Minister reminded the meeting participants of last year's achievement of MOT in 53% increase in transport revenue, finalizing the Road Transport Law, providing and finalizing the first 5years development plan of MOT, implementation of Lapis Lazuly Route agreement, execution of Chabahar Agreement, fundamental reforms and modernization of transport service providing system and he mentioned the cooperation and coordination of public and private sector with MOT are necessary to provide transportation services and to make a positive impact.
Also, Mr. Tahmasi emphasized that with the beginning of trucks number plate installation in Herat Province, this process is already started in Kabul and other provinces and he counted the process as a guarantee for execution of laws and prevention of tax fraud in the country.
Meeting participants in their speeches agreed on Mr. Tahmsi's point of view on coordination of public and private sector with MOT and mentioned it as the only solution to achieve the expected results.

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