Minister of Transport, Mr. Mohammad Hamid Tahmasi chaired a meeting by participation of representatives of related organizations and private sector to oversee the transportation and trade problems.

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Wed, Dec 19 2018 9:50 AM

According to direction of president, a coordinating meeting under the chairmanship of Mr. Tahmasi, the Transport Minister has been held at MOT. Ms. Kamela Sediqi, the Acting Minister of Commerce & Industries and Deputy Minister of Trade Affairs, Mr. Abdullah Raqibi, Deputy Minister of Custom & Revenue of MOF, Representatives of Ministry of Interior Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Khan Jan Alkozay, Deputy of ACCI, representatives of private sector and transport vehicle owners participated in the meeting.
Firstly, Mr. Khan Jan Alakozay and transport vehicle owners talked over the challenges, difficulties and barriers ahead of transportation and trade at Turkham port and requested drastic and practical measures of related organizations.
The Transport Minister, emphasized: “To oversee the private sector’s problems and to bring facilities for them, are the main responsibilities of related organizations.” And he ordered the MOT directors to take drastic actions on the matter and to coordinate with other related organizations.
After discussion over the prevention of traffic congestion and bringing discipline and order to Turkham port, allocation of transport vehicles to MOT properties, recognition of the fake transport personnel and to introduce them to legal authorities, sharing the private sector’s plan with related organizations, all the meeting participants agreed on solutions to overcome the difficulties and challenges. Following, the related organizations committed to actualize the decisions agreed in the meeting.
Also, an official trip to Nangarhar province has been arranged for inclusive oversee of the area under the chairmanship of Finance & Administration Deputy Minister of MOT and in coordination with related organizations and private sector,.



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Sun, Apr 25 2021 10:16 AM
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جمهور رئیس غنی ترانسپورت وزیرلیگیده گی اصلاحات و بجریلگن ایشلر گزارشینی اېشیتدی

افغانستان اسلامی جمهوریتی جمهور رئیسی محمد اشرف غنی، بوگون توشدن آلدین ترانسپورت وزیرلیگی رهبرلیگی بیلن ییغین اۉتکزیب مذکور وزیرلیکده گی اصلاحات و بجریلگن ایشلرنینگ گزارشینی اېشیتدی.

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