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Mr. Engineer Yama Yari

Minister of Transport


Yama Yari

The Second Vice President, H.E Sarwar Danesh, with the presence of the cabinet ministers, MP’s, deputy ministers, advisors to H.E the President, representatives of international and private organizations, civil society activists and MoPW staff, introduced H.E Mr. Yama Yari, as the Acting Minister of Public Works on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

After the recitation of the holy verses of Quran, Policy & Monitoring Deputy of President’s Office, Mr. Abdulsubhan Raouf read H.E the President’s decree on Mr. Yama Yari’s appointment as MoPW Acting Minister and his nomination for the mentioned Ministry.

H.E the Second Vice President congratulated Mr. Yari on his new responsibility and thanked Mr. Mahmood Baligh for his hard working and services during his tenure as the Minister of Public Works. He also added that the Ministry of Public Works is one of the key ministries. Its importance comes from its responsibility in a key sector. Roads are not only an internal need of the country, but also the main factor of economic growth, connectivity and trade among countries.

The Vice President added that lack of capacity building, laws and regulations reform and amendment, projects monitoring and control and lack of proper maintenance are the main problems of this ministry and requested the leadership of the ministry to pay attention to national projects and even development in all districts and provinces of Afghanistan.

Mr. Mahmood Baligh, former Minister of Public Works, welcomed the guests and added that dismissals and appointments are part of the ordinary governance. For better implementation of works, we served the people of all the provinces and reforms in human resources and other parts of the ministry, highways maintenance, regional connectivity, railway network development, East – West and North – South Corridors are the major achievements of NUG and my tenure as the Minister of Public Works.

H.E Yama Yari, the Acting Minister of Public Works, spoke about his personal life and work experience. He also thanked the NUG leadership for the trust and added that with the support of MoPW staff and personnel want to serve the people of Afghanistan in many contexts. He also requested the Ministry staff and personal to cooperate with him in this regard. H.E Yama Yari stressed that transparency, accountability and professionalism is the key benchmarks for the future reform at MPW. 

At the end, H.E Sarwar Danesh, Ministers of the Cabinet, MP’s and MoPW leadership accompanied Mr. Yari to his Office and wished him success in serving the people and the country.